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Atlanta Leak Detection

Both wet spots in your yard and a lack of water pressure in your home are common results of a leak. Plumbing leaks can occur anywhere there are pipes and can end up causing costly damages when left un-repaired, so the detection of such problems needs to be as swift as possible. As with many companies, the most common way to uncover the location of a leak is to simply search recklessly where they “think” the leak is located, often damaging a customer’s yard in the process. With Atlanta Sewer, our leak detection process is quite the opposite.

Our highly trained technicians have served the greater Atlanta area for over 24 years and possess the technology for leak detection without even having to tear up a customer’s yard. We use a high-frequency device that acts to pin-point the location of a leak, so most of the time the repair is very precise, causing as little disturbance to the landscape as possible. This device works by finding differences in pressure within a pipe, which are usually the result of pin-holes or splits. Usually, customers aren’t even able to tell that we were there. The pricing for this leak detection service is quite honest and competitive. For a free estimate, with a company that has ample experience, give Atlanta Sewer a call today.