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Plastic Water Pipe Repair

Many homes are outfitted entirely with plastic water piping, starting at the water meter and continuing throughout the house. Whether you have pvc, cpvc, PEX, or gray polybutylene (more on gray poly later), we can locate and repair your leaks, problem-free. Be it behind your sheetrock walls, above your ceilings, under your floors, in your yard...we will find the leak and eliminate it, once again leaving you with a full warranty in the process (exception: gray polybutylene repairs).

Gray polybutylene is nearly identical in composition to blue polybutylene (see "Waterlines" section), differing only in that gray poly was used solely inside your home rather than outside in the ground. It does, however, display all of the faults and risks associated with blue poly. Pinholes, breaks, and splits are everyday occurrences for homeowners unfortunate enough to live in a home still equipped with the material, and the damage caused by the faulty piping has reached into the millions of dollars. Although we heavily advise against it, we will make repairs to your gray poly piping, albeit with no warranty. This is due to the almost certain chance of another leak occurring very close to the previous one, and in a relatively short amount of time. Because of this fact, we nearly always recommend fully replacing all of the gray poly in your home with cpvc, copper, or PEX (more in "House Re-piping" section).